Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Growing Older Sucks!

So we got an XBox back in the fall and the kids love it. I really wasnt tempted to play with it because the games they play werent for me. When XBox announced that they would be coming out with a device that allowed you to be the controller, I was intrigued. Chris and I discussed it and thought we should wait to see if there would be any "bugs" in the new device. When Christmas rolled around and friends and neighbors started to get these devices we waited patiently for feedback and everything that was said to us was Postive. So Chris surprised the Kids and I this last weekend by going to Best Buy and purchasing this wonderful device. Sunday night was spent dancing with Emily to Lady Gaga and PitBull. I was quite impressed that I could keep up with my daughter and even more impressed that I beat her (Once) at the game. I think it was my big momma hips that could "dip" better than her little frame LOL! The next morning was spent playing bubble pop and obstacle course with Casey and that was fun too. I felt great! So much energy and I had a super workout. Things changed quickly when I went to bend down and WHAM-O! My back gave out! Are you kidding me?! Now I am sitting here like an old lady with a heating pad on my back and hobbling around the house. I dont want to feel like this! I want to dance and play with the Kinnect and I cant. Growing Old Sucks!


Suzanne said...

Hey Wendi, glad to see that y'all are doing well! Not so much about your bum back..been there done that. just popping in to say "hi"

Anonymous said...

Wait til you're my age!!! I must admit I feel great most of the time. Be sure to STRETCH as far as you can in all directions before you start doing any type of uncommon will certainly help. It has saved me more than once and I'm trying to get John doing it 1st thing in the am. "Auntie C"

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Ashley said...

I just found your blog. It's pretty funny. I'm only 26 but I can relate to this post. Sometimes I'll run and my ankle will feel like its giving out and this never happened when I was a youngster.

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